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April 30, 2021 11:10 am  #1

Huge Mistake Leaves Big Holes In Latest Buffalo Radio Ratings

On Thursday, Nielsen issued the latest radio ratings for Buffalo, the 59th market in the U.S. But it's tough to know who really sits where because of a massive screw-up that left out the results for major stations like WBEN, WBLK, WBUF and WECK.

Under the March 2021 column, they're at the bottom of the list with huge "N/A's" appearing instead of actual numbers. 

How could something like that happen? It's not clear, but many are wondering the same thing. In a posting on Radio & Television Business Report (which appears to be behind a paywall, although I got through to it on my first try) they noted the following:


Data for the following stations doesn’t appear:

  • WECK-AM and its collection of FM translators, owned by Buddy Shula
  • CFLZ-FM “101.1 MORE FM,” a Fort Erie, Ontario, Adult Hits station owned by Byrnes Communications and represented in the U.S. by Shula’s Radio One Buffalo
  • Townsquare Media‘s WBUF-FM, a Rock station that recently switched formats from “JACK FM,” and esteemed R&B and Hip-Hop station WBLK-FM
  • NPR member station WBFO-FM
  • Audacy News/Talk giant WBEN-AM

The RBR+TVBR I-Team immediately wrote to Nielsen.

Any insight into what the problem is? Is there a software glitch?

“Our tech team is looking into this to resolve this issue,” the Nielsen spokesperson said, offering a screen shot of the 12+ rankers for two stations:

WBEN-AM  Average Share: 8.9   Weekly Cume Persons: 109,600

WBUF-FM  Average Share: 1.3    Weekly Cume Persons: 58,900

The WBLK results arrived in a separate email early Friday (4/30).

WBLK-FM  Average Share: 7.9   Weekly Cume Persons: 110,900

WECK-AM and FM translators  Average Share: 2.9   Weekly Cume Persons: 62,000

We’re still wondering how WBFO and CFLZ performed.

Dude, Where’s My Station?


April 30, 2021 11:24 am  #2

Re: Huge Mistake Leaves Big Holes In Latest Buffalo Radio Ratings

It is not just Buffalo that there are missing stations in the ratings. Rochester's WDKX is not to be found. The R/B station is consistently in that market's top three stations along with WBEE and WHAM. [Per the site]


May 1, 2021 9:44 pm  #3

Re: Huge Mistake Leaves Big Holes In Latest Buffalo Radio Ratings

I am surprised the weekly cumes aren't higher.  I thought stations like WBLK, WBUF and WBEN would have more listeners.  Good on Buddy's WECK the oldies seem to be doing ok.