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This is a forum for information and discussion about radio and television related 'stuff' in and around, but not limited to, the Southern Ontario, Western New York area.

If something interesting happens, post about it. If someone interesting dies, please feel free to post about it. I like obits. I like honouring people who contributed something, and not everyone has time to read every single source on the internet.

If in any way you don't like these ground rules, don't waste any more time, and click here. I don't want you as a participant.

Personal attacks of any matter will be deleted. What is a personal attack?

Easy...If I think it's a personal attack I will delete it. If it continues in any form, I'll delete you. That simple.

Sign in under one name. If multiple posts appear from a single IP Address, I reserve the right to delete all the accounts except the original one. Don't be an idiot and create multiple accounts to facilitate a spirited discussion between you and your alter ego.

Alias' are allowed. I understand why they are important, especially in this industry. BUT I want to know your real name. If you don't feel comfortable giving me your real name and contact information, there's a simple solution. Go here instead.

You might think you're being creative with an e-mail account or login name but if I discover you're not who you say you are, or at the first sign of trouble, you're gone.

Keep it positive and don't be an asshole. As they put it over at Quadcities, 'don't be a dick'.

This is not a public service, it's not a democracy, it's not a socialist experiment. it's a private forum that users are allowed to participate in. You have no god given right to post here. If I don't like you, If I don't like your posts, either, or both will be deleted on a whim.