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January 13, 2021 8:02 pm  #31

Re: CFTO weak signal

In Phase wrote:

Tim Brown 2016 wrote:

Isn't CJMT also on that antenna?

   Yes, I believe you are correct Tim

Tim Brown 2016 wrote:

Also, is the aperture that previously housed CITY-TV being reserved for ATSC 3.0?

I doubt if that antenna will ever be used again.  It was designed for the upper UHF band (originally on channel 79) and of course, that band has been reassigned.  It also only has a single feedline, unlike all the other antenna systems.  The outside diameter of the radome up there is very small (about 5 feet) and the space between the radome and the interior spine does not provide any means to physically access the antenna panels.

As for ATSC3.0, any future services could probably be added one, or more, of the other CN Tower antennas.

I find it also very difficult to imagine how they installed antennas on the tower AFTER the radome installation.