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June 16, 2024 7:02 am  #1

The Latest Chapter In The Tragic Story Of Casey Kasem

He's been gone for a decade but this story of a bitter battle between the late DJ's kids and their stepmother is still ongoing. The latest is a Father's Day irony. His daughter insists she's found her late dad's unmarked grave - and you may believe where it's located. 

A sad update in the tale of a family feud that involved one of the most famous radio men in the world. 

Casey Kasem’s Daughter Will Visit His Grave for First Time Since He Died in 2014 — with a Stranger’s Help


June 27, 2024 9:00 am  #2

Re: The Latest Chapter In The Tragic Story Of Casey Kasem

His family, it seems, is determined to not let Casey Kasem rest in peace. At least not where he currently is. The late DJ's daughter has been to Norway to visit her dad's "lost" grave and is now vowing to bring him home to the U.S. for burial in the famous Forest Lawn Cemetery - one of her father's last requests. (You might call her determination to do this some "long distance dedication.")

And there's a Canadian angle to this awful story I never knew about that just adds to the ongoing tragedy.

"For months, Casey’s corpse lay rotting in a Montreal, Canada, funeral home."

Who knew?

Casey Kasem’s Kids Want Late Radio Legend’s Body Exhumed to Bring Him ‘Back Home’ to L.A.

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