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September 18, 2023 8:48 am  #1

John Lennon Based "Revival69" Now Streaming On Crave

The amazing 1969 Varsity Stadium concert in Toronto that improbably featured John Lennon is the subject of a new documentary currently streaming on Crave, which I know many here subscribe to. 

TV critic Bill Brioux has had a sneak preview of "Revival69" and has given it rave reviews. 

If you're a fan of that era and have Crave, it may be worth checking out. The trailer of the story behind the concert certainly looks interesting. 

All we are saying, is give Crave’s Revival69 a chance



September 18, 2023 7:57 pm  #2

Re: John Lennon Based "Revival69" Now Streaming On Crave

I'll never forget it.  Working at CKFH at the time I was able to get 2 media tickets and my friend Barry Bassett and I had front rows.  Got to meet John Lennon.; which was monumental for me.  He and the Plastic One Band were unbelievable. Other than Lennon, Little Richard blew us away with his glass reflecting vest.  What a trip.


September 22, 2023 9:31 am  #3

Re: John Lennon Based "Revival69" Now Streaming On Crave

I was interested in viewing this documentary, so I phoned Rogers to see if there were any current Crave promotions. Turns out there is. I get the four Crave channels and HBO 1  and 2 free for two months. Not worth $19.95/month, so I will be cancelling when the free period ends. Revival69 is well worth the time spent.