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June 1, 2023 5:39 pm  #1

Interesting 1966 CHUM 1050 Poster

I found this in a great Facebook group "Canadian Records & Artists Appreciation Society" that's worth sharing.
The group comes highly recommended with a lot of great contributions over the years.   David Clayton Thomas even posts there periodically among other notables.     Thanks to society founder and group admin Gerry Miskolczi.    



June 2, 2023 8:30 am  #2

Re: Interesting 1966 CHUM 1050 Poster

WOW!  How many music stations still have seven in-house announcers?  How times have changed.


June 2, 2023 8:37 am  #3

Re: Interesting 1966 CHUM 1050 Poster

Not only that, but they used to have news overnights plus even ski reports in the wee hours during the winter, all from different voices. Try finding even one live person on the graveyard shift on any station today (Ed the Sock notwithstanding!)

Perhaps we need Knob Hill Farms back to sponsor it all!


June 2, 2023 10:10 am  #4

Re: Interesting 1966 CHUM 1050 Poster

CHUM still has 7 in house announcers. Marilyn and Jamar, Richie Favalaro, Ashley Greco, Meredith Shaw
Peter Kash, Taylor Kaye.  Ryan Seacrest doesn't count.

Virgin 99.9 also has 7 but that is including Myles Galloway and his network evening show which is based in Toronto.

It was news departments that took the big hit in radio.  Most FM stations have almost no newscasts, other than brief updates in the morning and maybe drive.  The only real radio news is 680 and Radio 1, and that's where the audiences go.  

I wish CFRB had better talk shows.  As mentioned before Moore In The Morning is good as is Vassy.  Other than that RB's talk is too opinionated, poor hosts, and topics that are not that interesting IMO. Weekends are a mess.

The station needs a bit of a house cleaning.