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January 18, 2023 4:17 pm  #1

Who Gets The Rights To This Game - & Will It Even Be On The Radio?

The WNBA, the women's basketball offshoot of the NBA, announced on Wednesday that for the very first time, an exhibition game will be played in Toronto. The hope is it's popular enough that eventually one day, an expansion team could be set up in Canada - although the Commissioner insists that not's the reason for holding it here. 

The date for the match is May 13th, which is a Saturday. While I feel almost certain there will be a TV broadcast of this first of its kind event, will it be broadcast on the radio and if so, which one of the two sports stations gets it? The Jays will be playing Atlanta that afternoon at the Rogers Centre, so the contest will take place at Scotiabank Arena. That also means the Fan 590 is more or less contractually obligated to take the baseball game. Unless the basketball pre-season tilt is an evening contest, and then the station conceivably could run it.

But you have to think TSN 1050 is the obvious choice, barring any hockey playoff commitments.

This is solely an exhibition game, so its importance is lessened. But it's also the first of its kind in this country and there are two Canadians playing for one of the teams. I have to believe given the Raptors presence here, Bell & Rogers co-ownership of that team, and the desire to spread this version of the game, someone will broadcast it on the radio. We may have to wait to find out who. And which play-by-play team knows enough about this league to credibly do that job. (It would be symbolic if it were a all-female crew.)

The other question is: how many will watch it or listen to it? That may be the biggest test of all.

Either way, it should be an interesting weekend.

WNBA to play preseason game in Canada


January 18, 2023 5:28 pm  #2

Re: Who Gets The Rights To This Game - & Will It Even Be On The Radio?

I have little interest in the NBA. Zero interest in the WNBA.