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September 1, 2022 6:22 pm  #1

CTV T.O. Touts Exclusive - Even Though Global Already Aired The Story

CTV has been touting its exclusive interview with a Brampton man who was attacked with a machete and a taser in his own driveway. (You may recall the story of how his mother saved him by running out and chasing his assailants away.) It was a nice story and was promoed as an exclusive on both TV and over CFRB, along with an intro pronouncing it as such. 

The problem? Global had already run the story a few minutes earlier, complete with a clip from the victim, which was supposed to have been the item no one else had.

I often wonder how these things happen. Did the victim promise not to talk to any other station? If so, how did Global get him? Or was this just CFTO being unaware that the competition had beat them to the punch? 

I'm not making fun of CTV - you can't know what those on against you have. But if you're going to boast that you have something no other station in town does and you make a big deal about it, you should make sure that doesn't turn out to be exclusively false. 


September 2, 2022 12:05 pm  #2

Re: CTV T.O. Touts Exclusive - Even Though Global Already Aired The Story

Not unrelated - but it's always amusing when someone gets the same op/ed piece into two Toronto newspapers on the same day. Haven't noticed that for a few years - and given that everything is now online it's probably easier for editors to catch and fix before too many people notice - but I have noticed it occasionally in the past.