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October 28, 2020 2:00 am  #1

1510 kHz Caledon and 1110 kHz Caledon East?

I was going through a list of frequencies for the Toronto and area and found that a low-power AM radio station that was authorized in 2018 to operate at 1510 kHz in Caledon, Ontario with the call letters CFYI and says that the licence was due to expire in July 2020. I searched through the internet and the CRTC website with zero results! Anyone know about this radio station?

See link to CFYI Caledon, ON with technical, licensing and transmitter map information.

And another station in Caledon East CFQI at 1110 kHz:

List of AM/FM frequencies and TV stations across Toronto, GTA and the Golden Horseshoe:

Even includes the old former AM stations in Barrie, New Market, Ajax, Welland, etc.

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October 28, 2020 7:42 am  #2

Re: 1510 kHz Caledon and 1110 kHz Caledon East?

That FCC data base is quite interesting. Particularly the potential nighttime skywave contours marked in yellow. Not all stations have it indicated. Some that do, WBZ, WWKB, KYW, WRVA, WWL, WBAL, KAAY, KXEL, KYW.


October 28, 2020 9:17 pm  #3

Re: 1510 kHz Caledon and 1110 kHz Caledon East?

Any idea why CHML isn’t on the FCC list when other Hamilton stations are?


October 29, 2020 4:49 pm  #4

Re: 1510 kHz Caledon and 1110 kHz Caledon East?

Hamiltonboy wrote:

Any idea why CHML isn’t on the FCC list when other Hamilton stations are?

900 CHML is there but listed as "CHML-AX1" (whatever AX1 means). You need to scroll down further to see the rest of the lists. Not sure why CHML isn't listed in the other lists on the page either.

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October 29, 2020 8:10 pm  #5

Re: 1510 kHz Caledon and 1110 kHz Caledon East?

A couple of things here:

First: isn't the FCC. It's an independent broadcast consultant, Michi Bradley, who does a really stellar job of trying to synthesize data from the FCC, CRTC, ISEDC and other worldwide broadcast regulators and present it in clearer forms than the agencies themselves do. 

Second: The data the FCC itself collects has never purported to be an accurate list of what facilities are actually on the air in Canada. It's only in the FCC database to provide the information we in the US need to file applications that provide the protections to Canadian stations required by international treaty. What's reported to the US by Canada (and vice versa) isn't what's really on the air. It's a list that combines what's on the air, what was once on the air and remains "internationally notified," and in some cases facilities that have been "proposed," have never been on the air and will never be on the air. 

In some cases, facilities that change in Canada don't get properly re-notified to the US, and that seems to be where CHML got caught when it made its big move, 30 or so years back, from the escarpment near Stony Creek way out to the new 8-tower site halfway to Cambridge. The FCC database still contains the 5 kW facility on the Escarpment, and the day and night facilities that are really on the air from the current site. 

Michi's site does show most of this data correctly, but there are some glitches. For some reason, her version of the FCC data for CHML puts all three records (the old 5 kW facility and the current 50 kW day and night) at the escarpment site. I don't know why, and will drop her a line to see about getting it fixed. 

If you choose the Canada data tab on her site and search CHML by calls, you get both the correct current CHML 50 kW facilities (listed as "CHML") and its auxiliary/backup 5 kW plant at that same site ("CHML-AX1"). Her site is a little glitchy when it comes to the kind of distance search Scorpio was trying to do. If you put in a set of coordinates closer to the actual site (43.33 N, 80.12 W), you do at least get the CHML-AX1 record. I'm not sure why it's not showing the correct CHML record under Canadian data there.