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August 25, 2020 2:39 pm  #1

Bizarre Story Of Murder & Race Leads To Firing At NYC Radio Station

This isn’t a local story, but I found it astounding.
How would you react if you discovered that a person you’d worked closely with at your radio or TV station was convicted in an infamous murder case that took place almost 30 years earlier?
The answer appears to be with shock and surprise. And that's exactly what happened in New York City this week. 
It’s quite a tale that took place at WQHT, Hot 97, a highly rated urban formatted radio station that has a largely Black audience. It turns out the guy who was their commercial production director, is white, and had been there for over 17 years, was revealed to have been involved in an infamous racial murder in a Big Apple suburb back in 1989, but was sentenced on a lesser charge because while he was there and part of the mob that attacked a young Black kid, he wasn’t directly involved.
Needless to say, the station immediately fired the employee, throwing the entire place into disarray.
And exactly how did they discover this guy’s involvement, despite the fact he changed his name? That’s the other strange part of this sordid story. They saw a documentary of the case on HBO and there was footage of him in it as a much younger man.
Did anyone here ever encounter a similar situation where it was revealed someone you worked with had a sordid past? A previous thread already explained how a guy who killed his wife was working at City TV in the 80s, but everyone knew about that before he started.
I can only imagine what it might be like to discover a person you’ve worked side-by-side with for almost two decades had such a notorious past. What a weird day at work that must have been – especially at a place where the majority of employees are Black.

Radio Exec Fired After Past Accusations Of Murder Exposed