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June 23, 2020 2:33 pm  #1

Corus Gets Rights To NBC Peacock Streaming Shows In Canada

Speaking of Corus' latest moves, this may help fill some gaps in their schedules.

Corus Entertainment makes exclusive deal for NBC’s Peacock programming

Press release

What the article and the release don't say is exactly where these shows will be seen. Global? Corus' cable entities? Or perhaps part of their streaming service, Stack TV, which frankly, currently doesn't have much to recommend it. 

What it does indicate, to me, is that Peacock will probably never be available in Canada now that a Canadian company holds rights to much of its marquee original programming. Last September, I asked an NBC rep if the service would ever come north of the border. She said not at launch. And now it appears, not ever.  


June 23, 2020 4:55 pm  #2

Re: Corus Gets Rights To NBC Peacock Streaming Shows In Canada

I would think most of the programming from NBC's Peacock programming will end up on Stack TV with some on Global. They seem to be doing what Crave and Bell have done, partnering with various large US pay streaming services.

CTV over the years has featured various uncut HBO programming which doesn't normally appear on regular commercial television anywhere.  This is an advantage that both CTV and Global have that they can cherry pick some  pay tv programming from their US or British partners. I remember it was a big deal when CTV aired Game of Thrones Season One 4 years ago uncut to counter the Olympics on CBC.  Also it is great for the consumer because it was free.

Anyway, this arrangement is actually the best for all concerned since it is overall cheaper and better variety for the consumer. The US pay services like HBO, CBS Access, Showtime etc. don't need to charge, advertise and market separately for Canada, and this greatly cuts down costs and increases their chance of success in a much smaller Canadian market.  Canadian services like Crave, Stack TV or even CBC Gem acquire great quality international programming and a much expanded variety of services for their customers at no additional cost to the consumer.