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February 14, 2020 10:08 am  #1

Cousin Brucie Reflects On An Extraordinary Radio Career

This is simply an amazing interview with Cousin Brucie of Sirius XM (and WABC) fame, a piece written by another music legend, Toronto’s own Larry LeBlanc. It’s very long (it took a while to read the whole thing) but his recollections of his career and the current state of radio are certainly worth the time.
Among other things the 84-year-old (he’s already 84!) reflects on in the piece:
-Who inspired him
-Who programs his shows
-How he got started
-Where the infamous “Cousin” nickname came from
-How important it is to play the original version of an oldie and why he lets the wrong one play – but only for so long
-His old DX listeners
-The records he wrote and released
- Why a Chuck Berry record is always his first played song
- How WABC execs. rejected the first Beatles record in a music meeting
-The danger when he co-hosted the Beatles playing their first big concert at Shea Stadium
-The day Bob Hope & Jackie Gleason crashed his show
-And the importance of getting the music mix right.
“I played what the audience wants to hear, and I play an eclectic mix and I just do it from my gut. If it doesn’t fit, I won’t play it. But that’s very rare...Once in a while, I’ll say, “Oh my God. Look at what I just played. I played A and then I played this one. That’s weird.” Years ago, a programmer would have been going crazy.”

A fascinating man with a fascinating career. You can read the article here.
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February 14, 2020 12:48 pm  #2

Re: Cousin Brucie Reflects On An Extraordinary Radio Career

Excellent article. Especially the piece on how Ed Sullivan learned about the Beatles from Walter Cronkite's teenage daughter. That was funny.