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June 10, 2021 5:19 pm  #1

2021 Spring PPM

The Numeris Spring results have just released for the PPM markets. Here is the link for the results from RadioInsight:

The above link has a better summary of results than the original Numeris website, as it ranks all the stations in order of share % for all of the cities.

Here's another website for the adults (men/women/all) 25-54 share for all the PPM markets:

For the Toronto market, there aren't a lot of surprises in terms of difference between now and last survey. The top 5 stations are still respectively:
CBC Radio One 15.9
Q107 9.3
boom 97.3 8.8
Classical 96.3 8.2
98.1 CHFI 8.2

Meanwhile, Flow 93.5 has continuously improved in ratings. For the A25-54 demo it has a steady 4.4, ranking #8 in the market, compared with the abysmal performance last year. Indie88 has dropped a share from 2.1 to 1.1 in the A12+ ratings, the biggest decrease in a few years.

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June 10, 2021 5:45 pm  #2

Re: 2021 Spring PPM

12+ numbers mean nothing for sales...   It's all about target demo.    104-5 CHUM is a good example.   They win females 25-54, but are sitting 5 shares 12+.    They will have no issues selling because leading 25-54 females is gold to a buyer.   



June 10, 2021 6:43 pm  #3

Re: 2021 Spring PPM

I just checked on Vancouver - CBC Music is at 5.9% share, up from 3.0% in Winter 2020, putting it in 8th place. In Toronto their share is 2.1%, behind 640 and 740.

Funny 1040, which replaced TSN 1040, dropped down to 0.4% from 2.6% in Fall 2020; Sportsnet 650 increased from 0.4% to 1.0% over that time (and the current morning show debuted a month into this ratings period, so the move of the former 1040 morning team to 650 won't be fully accounted for in these ratings).

TSN in Toronto is less than half that of 590.


June 10, 2021 7:04 pm  #4

Re: 2021 Spring PPM

I think it is interesting how well Classical 96.3 is doing with a 8.2 share.  One year ago they were sitting at 5.3.  Helps when you have that segment of the market more or less to yourself.  Congrats 96.3.  CFNY still not really going anywhere.  Surprising how in other markets  modern rock/alternative stations usually do alright, but in Toronto not so much for some reason.  Canada's biggest and richest radio market should have a country outlet, it would do better than many people think. 


June 11, 2021 4:11 am  #5

Re: 2021 Spring PPM

A few years back CFNY was on its way to bringing the Modern Rock/Alternative back. But then someone got in the way. 

And Country in Toronto? Can't forget KISS Country. The then owned by Rawlco KISS - On January 26, 1993, at 1 p.m., singer Anne Murray pressed the button to launch the station, with the CISS-FM call letters and CISS-FM 92.5 (pronounced "kiss") branding.


June 11, 2021 10:59 am  #6

Re: 2021 Spring PPM

I think music radio has a big problem and I'm not sure there are easy solutions. 


June 11, 2021 3:25 pm  #7

Re: 2021 Spring PPM

Rune wrote:

I think music radio has a big problem and I'm not sure there are easy solutions. 

Personality radio. Only thing that streamers can’t compete with. Especially with the non-commercial advantage those services have. It takes money and a commitment to great talent to win. The old adage: you’ve got to spend money to make money.

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June 13, 2021 10:54 am  #8

Re: 2021 Spring PPM

For the "Funny" stations across the nation, the ratings are again at the bottom of all markets. The original Hamilton and Calgary stations both recorded a mere 0.3 share, with daily cume not reaching 10,000 listeners for both cities. The new Funny 1060 Vancouver (previously TSN)? A 0.4 share. Even the Winnipeg station has a better 1.9 share in the diary book, I believe it might go lower in the next release, as it also includes the period when the only sport station TSN was still present in the city.

I know the "Funny" brand is never meant for chasing after the ratings, just a way to achieve the minimum cost of operating AM stations, with all syndicated programmings and no live DJ. However the cost of operating and sustaining AM facilities is definitely much higher than FM stations, as every AM stations has their own masts and sites. Not sure if such tactics can last longer by the time Bell find this financially infeasible (even they have the ability to do so).

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June 14, 2021 4:16 pm  #9

Re: 2021 Spring PPM

“ The advent of PPM more than a decade ago fueled the myth that on-air talent don't greatly contribute to ratings; in fact, talk has frequently been positioned as a liability.

It's a conspiracy theory.  Music on the radio still gets ratings, of course.  But it's personalities that generate loyalty, as evidenced by the radio stations using sitting on top of Nielsen rankers.  And yet, in round after round of downsizing, talent is often among the first assets to go.”

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