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SOWNY » CKLW Legend Rosalie Trombley Gone At 82 » Today 8:23 pm

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It has been mentioned many times how Bob Seeger's song Rosalie was never played on CKLW.  She threatened to quit if the song was ever played on the station.  But what is interesting is that CKLW did play the cancon hit Rosalie by Michael Tarry that came out the same year (1973) as the Seeger composition.  Michael Tarry's song was also a hitbound on the Big 8 in the summer of 1973.  Naturally Tarry's song was totally different and had nothing to do with CKLW's famous music director...

SOWNY » Mic Stand Christmas Tree » Today 2:47 pm

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Formerly a 680 news editor and London radio morning show co-host, author and talented voice actor Lisa Brandt shared her husband Derek's intreeging tech solution to decorating for Christmas, giving new meaning to mic-ro-managing.

In case you're stumped for ideas.

SOWNY » Creepy Christmas » Today 12:32 pm

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When I think of 'heartwarming and sentimental', I don't think of Bell.

SOWNY » Creepy Christmas » Today 12:10 pm

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As It Happens still plays "Fireside Al" - Christmas stories read by the late Al Maitland, every Christmas and hey, people watch It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street even though every single actor in both film is dead by now - and we also listen to that duet featuring dead singers Bing Crosby and David Bowie. 

SOWNY » Morning radio show #Whamageddons listeners early this year » Today 12:42 am

I’d be curious if WHAM Radio or 13WHAM did this.

It would be very on-brand for them.

SOWNY » Creepy Christmas » Yesterday 10:41 pm

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Maybe while they're at it, they'll bring back that old "It Feels Like Christmas..." with the "On Newstalk 1010!" customized tag, narrated by "Gipp Forster".   

This upload courtesy of our IJG!


SOWNY » Creepy Christmas » Yesterday 10:01 pm

Peter the K
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Wow.  I had no idea he passed in 2018.  His obituary can be found here:

What I didn't realize is that he was actually a trained broadcaster.  No wonder his spots were always listenable.

As for the creepy factor, I don't find it the least bit creepy.  Another example if actor Macdonald Carey, who played the patriarch on Days of Our Lives until his death in 1994.  His voice is still used in the opening of each show. 

SOWNY » Creepy Christmas » Yesterday 9:34 pm

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I was listening to 1010 today and was a little creeped out to hear them play the old Russell Wells Britain House retirement home ad in which he waxes on about the wonder of the birth of Jesus "unto us a child is born and he shall be name wonderful... " etc  Wells died in 2018.
But it seems he's been resurrected.


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