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July 10, 2024 7:01 am  #1

Guess Who Has His Own Radio Show? Jeff Goldblum

Apparently, the "Jurassic Park" star is really, really, really into jazz - so much so that he has his own radio show on the subject on the BBC. Who knew? 

The quirky actor has already done a few episodes, but at least one writer wants to know why the Beeb is playing the shows in the middle of the night when relatively few are awake to hear them.

"If you missed the first episode – it ended at 1am on Monday – don’t worry, there’s a repeat. Almost a month later. At 3am. Future episodes...will tackle jazz’s influence on hip-hop, pop, and film and television. But first came an hour on jazz and rock, seemingly pitched at listeners who have never heard of either."

Jeff Goldblum is a coup for Radio 2 – so why has he been dumped in a middle-of-the-night slot?

If you're curious what this sounds like, you can listen to all available episodes - with no geoblocking - online here.