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July 10, 2024 6:38 am  #1

"One Broadcast Stock To Avoid" May Not Be The One You Think

When I first saw the headline on the linked article, I was expecting it was some expert issuing a warning about Corus, whose stock has now dropped to the 12-15 cent a share range and, according to the Toronto Star, is near bankruptcy. But to my surprise, the name was never mentioned. 

Instead the stock to avoid was the last one I would have thought - BCE, the owners of Bell Media. The author gives her reasons for hanging up on Bell, predicting things are not going to go well at the telecommunications giant. What does that mean for its remaining TV and radio stations? Let's just say from her point of view, this show won't have a happy ending. 

One Stock To Stay Clear Of 


July 10, 2024 6:56 am  #2

Re: "One Broadcast Stock To Avoid" May Not Be The One You Think

I have had the same guy come to my door three times since last week trying to convince me to switch to Bell. This guy is very aggressive and told me the last time I was being stupid not to agree to sign his paperwork and make the switch. Needless to say, he won't be coming on my property again. They seem to be training their door to door salespeople to not take no for an answer based on my experience with this dude.