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May 14, 2024 6:49 am  #1

Remote Announcer Policy Fails Again, This Time On NHL Playoffs

There has been much talk here over the past few years about a policy of having play-by-play announcers stay in the studio thousands of miles away to call a game. The Jays do it on radio, whenever the team is on the road. For the most part, the cost cutting act works, except when there's a play that for some reason the monitor they watch doesn't catch. 

That leads to confusion on air and missed plays. 

And now it's happened again, this time on a major U.S. cable network. During a Canucks-Oilers playoff game, the crew from TNT failed to notice a significant goalie change for at least three minutes into the third period. Kind of an important fact. 

"It’s hard to put the blame afoot on Alex Faust and Jennifer Botterill, who are merely trying to do their jobs, considering the circumstances that make it incredibly hard to do so. By not being in Canada on Sunday night, the announcing duo didn’t realize until nearly three minutes into the third period that the Oilers had started the final 20 minutes of the contest with a different goalie."

It's one of the dangers of this penny-pinching that's seeped into sports broadcasting in modern times and despite all the margin for error, shows no sign of changing. And viewers are poorer for it. 

Remote NHL Broadcast Misses Crucial Goalie Switch