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January 9, 2024 9:03 pm  #1

Sean Ross On Radio and His 100 Top Songs of 2023

Sean Ross is a leading radio consultant, music researcher and journalist who has a weekly feature in radioINSIGHT, Ross On Radio.  He has picked his top 100 songs for 2023.  Some are songs that could or should have been more popular but didn't get picked up much by radio.  In fact his favourite song of the year is from a Toronto band, The Beaches with Blame Brett.  

The Beaches to me sound a little like The Pretenders and Go-Go's, most of their songs are easy to listen to but haven't jumped over to top 40 for some reason.  They have had success in Canada on alternative radio and Sirius XM.

In fact Sean has a lot of cancon on his top 100 with newer bands but also some more familiar like Sam Roberts, The Strumbellas, Bruck Cockburn, Fefe Dobson and Jamie Fine. 

He also comments on the lack of strong border stations like CKLW, 89X or possibly CFNY and CHUM who would introduce songs to the US market in Detroit and Western NY.


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