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November 16, 2023 10:42 am  #1

26-Yr.-GTA Morning Man Has His Final Show On Friday

Gary Gamble has been a fixture in the mornings at the Evanov-owned CKDX-FM (aka Lite88.5) for 26 years. That ends on Friday, when he does his final show for the station. His current co-host, Stacey Englehart, will continue on alone. 

In a release on Lite88.5's website, the station acknowledges its past formats:

"From its inception with 88.5 the Pheonix, to Foxy 88.5, Jewel 88.5 and Lite 88.5, Gary has been a fixture of CKDX morning radio with his soothing voice, amazing personality and infectious laugh."

But Gamble isn't taking a gambol. He'll still be working there, just with more normal hours, taking over as Director of Operations for the company.