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November 15, 2023 7:28 am  #1

Pioneering CBC Radio Newscaster Has Passed

Her name was Lorna Jackson and she filled multiple roles at the CBC, most notably as one of its main newsreaders. She came along at a time when the Corp. was stuck in the old days and didn't allow women to read the headlines. She was one of the announcers who helped change that - although at the beginning, she still had to have a male co-anchor. 

From her obit featured in the Globe & Mail:

"Ms. Jackson read The World at Eight with Rex Loring, a CBC announcer of the old school. In those days if there were two readers of a major national newscast one of them had to be a man.

“I worked with Lorna, but it was in the days when you never had two women co-hosting, it was just not done,” recalled [fellow newscaster Judy] Maddren, who at the peak of her career oversaw language used on the CBC. “So, she and I would not have co-hosted on The World at Six or The World at Eight or World Report. So, I knew her mostly in the newsroom.”

Jackson was suffering from cancer when she passed earlier this month at the age of 77. 

Pioneering CBC broadcaster Lorna Jackson spoke with gravitas and warmth