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September 14, 2023 6:56 am  #1

Cover-up Or Truth? CRTC Hires Company To Probe 2022 Rogers Outage

But some critics warn this move may only help Rogers maintain secrecy about what really happened when its network went down on July 2022.

One who's concerned is Matt Malone, an assistant professor at Thompson Rivers University's faculty of law, who has launched repeated Freedom of Information requests to get the truth about how it took place and why it took so long to fix. 

But he's not convinced this will give Canadians many answers. 
"There's a lot of secrecy on this file, but it's important to remember that that secrecy is intentional. Secrecy helps both the CRTC and Rogers avoid accountability," he said.

CRTC Hires Private Company To Investigate 2022 Rogers Outage