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September 8, 2023 7:08 pm  #31

Re: Mike Bendixen Back In T.O. Radio & You'll Never Believe Where

PwrSurge wrote:

RadioAaron wrote:

PwrSurge wrote:

If you are suggesting that 95.3 is being flipped to simulcast 640 then this would be a BIG mistake causing a severe impact on 900 CHML which ranks at the #3 position in Hamilton's 2022 ratings with a 4.3 share.  Most importantly, Corus would certainly get in trouble with the CRTC as doing this would be a backdoor entry by abandoning their market of license from Toronto to Hamilton.  This was not the case with their Q107 flip in Calgary as both CFGQ-FM and CHQR are in the same market.

CHML has a one-share in 25-54. Shut it down and integrate some Hamilton content into a merged 95.3. 

As for not being the city of license, Rogers is getting away with that just fine in Ottawa. Also, the CRTC is completely irrelevant for at least two years.

Not sure about 2023 but in 2022, CHML had a 2.7 share for W25-54, 1.2 for M25.54 and 4.3 for A12+
On the other hand, CING had a 4.4 share for W25-54, 1.9 for M25-54 and 1.8 for A12+

Big difference with Ottawa is that unlike Hamilton, Smith Falls is not considered as a distinct radio market by Numeris while both Toronto and Hamilton are separate distinct markets.  CJET (CityNews 101.1) is simply listed as a spill station in the Ottawa-Gatineau market and even then, their ratings in Ottawa are almost non-existent at only 0.4 share while CIWW (CityNews 1310) has more than triple that amount at 1.3 share.  We can clearly see that there's no tangible benefit simulcasting CityNews on 101.1FM.

Spring 2023 CHML was a 0.9 25-54 and #7 in a 10 station market where two of those stations are 820 and 1150. Neither sister FM has a local morning show. The cluster is bleeding hard in a bad market.

Remember that Ottawa's a diary market, and many people are going to report "1310 News" regardless of how they listen. In Spring 2023 the AM had a 2.1 and the FM a 1.0. The combined 3.1 is the highest ever since the original 1310 launch. In PPM Calgary, the market Corus will base any decision on, the FM already outranks the AM 1.6 to 1.4.

The Numeris market distinction is irrelevant. 101.1 is acting as a third local FM, with content clearly not aimed at its licensed market, and zero studio presence there. Anyway, Smiths Falls isn't considered a distinct market by Numeris on the technicality that it isn't a Numeris market at all. When it was, it was distinct.

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September 13, 2023 11:23 am  #32

Re: Mike Bendixen Back In T.O. Radio & You'll Never Believe Where

67GreenRambler wrote:

Anyone know if Jason Chapman still has his Executive Producer job down at Queens Quay ? The idea of putting an intermediary between PD and the production/technical staff never made much sense particularly in a fiscally thin environment.

It looks like the answer is no. According to his Linked-In page, Champan left Corus in August after a 7-year run, and has just begun a new position as manager of Media Relations for the Toronto Board of Trade. 

Another sign - I just heard that long running "Send us a text" spot that used him being voiced by someone else. 

I thought he was a talented guy and I wish him luck. But his time at 640 is over.  

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