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September 10, 2023 9:08 am  #1

Who Helped You Get Your Radio Shot? The Value Of Mentors

This article, from the Edmonton Sun, is ostensibly about the new all sports radio station that began there this month. But it's really more about the value of radio mentorship and having someone with experience take an interest in a newbie. As the story points out, there's no telling where that can lead - and how many more will benefit down the road. 

(For the record, my 'mentor' was a guy named Mark Burns, who for reasons I still don't understand, let a 15-year-old radio obsessed kid attend his early - 6 AM! - weekend morning show on CHIN-AM in Toronto, where I saw and operated my very first board and played my very first cart and record on-air. I'll always be grateful to him for opening up that door. I know he ended up at CFTR doing news for a bit and then spent some time in Montreal, but I've long lost track of him. Wherever you are, thanks Mark for that first chance!)

Sports radio host mentors young up-and-comers