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September 1, 2023 12:22 pm  #1

CRTC Says No To New Repeaters For Stingray's CFXJ-FM aka Today Radio

Nice try but no cigar. Stingray decided to try making use of so-called Maxxcasting, a technique that allows a radio station to establish repeater signals on the exact same frequency (in this case, 93.5 FM) to boost its reach.

It asked the Commission to allow for new sticks in both North York and Mississauga, arguing that recent condo construction in both areas was degrading its signal and that it was getting reports from listeners that they couldn't hear CFXJ-FM clearly. 

But the CRTC said no and denied both of the requests. Why? They believed the extra additions would send the signals outside their designated market areas and that would be out of bounds. "It does not seek to address deficiencies within the primary contour and would result in a service expansion of CFXJ-FM’s primary contour beyond the area it is licensed to primarily serve," they conclude. That might have a financial effect on other stations surrounding the GTA and that was something they won't allow.

Stingray said it considered increasing their power on First Canadian Place, but it wasn't technically possible. 

There's one more thing that has to be mentioned here. The Commission received only one intervention on the proposal and it was from Dufferin Communications. Yes, the Evanovs. They argued the expansion would hurt their existing stations and it should be denied. 

The irony of this, of course, cannot be missed. The Evanovs have tried for years to get their 103.5 signal further into Toronto, to no success. But the minute someone else tries to do the same thing, they're right there asking for it to be denied. 

In this case, they got their wish. 

It's a pretty remarkable release which you can read here