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August 30, 2023 10:27 pm  #1

Where Did All The Talk Show Hosts Go?

Next to the week of Christmas and New Year's, I think this is the one time of the year Toronto stations have the most regulars off. Consider:

-Greg Brady has been gone from AM 640 all week, with Rob Fai in the chair instead. As of Thursday, he won't be the only absence, with both Alex Pierson and John Oakley also away, neither of whom will be back until next Thursday. 

-Reshmi Nair has been MIA, with guests host subbing for her on CFRB. (A big improvement if you ask me, but no one did.) And the recently returned Vassy Kapelos doesn't work Friday, so she's not going to be on the air either at week's end. 

And everyone is off on Labour Day Monday, which I'm guessing will be an all reroll day on both of the talkers. I don't begrudge any of them their final vacations as summer winds down, but I can't quite recall a time there have been so many off all at once on the stations I primarily listen to. 

Can't wait for things to get back to normal in the coming weeks.