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August 22, 2023 9:58 am  #1

CBS Board Game From the 1930s Highlights Golden Age of Radio

Radio World recently came across something I've never heard of before: a board game from nearly a century ago put out by a then very new CBS Radio. The board, which you can see here, is fascinating. It lists every single CBS radio affiliate at the time and the object of the game is to get from WABC New York (then a network connected station) to KNX in L.A., going through every city where there was a CBS outlet. 

The "board" (actually made of paper) was for sale at e-Bay and the site is wondering if anyone knows more about this strange artifact from radio's past. Amazing to see how many stations were affiliated with CBS back then, although outside of NBC, there really weren't a lot of other places to go. (Maybe Mutual?) Also worth noting how many of the bigger AM stations back then still exist and have the same call letters. 

CBS Board Game From the 1930s Highlights Golden Age of Radio 

I hadn't realized this was a thing, until I looked further into it. Turns out there were a number or "radio" board games back when the medium was young and fresh, attracting a lot of interest as the next big thing. Here's a look at the main playing surface from something called "The Radio Game," courtesy of the Board Game Geek website. My favourite spot: "Static. Lose 1 Turn."