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March 19, 2023 2:50 pm  #1

'Son Of A Critch' Character Is Actual DJ On VOCM's FM Station

This is probably common knowledge in Newfoundland, but I was surprised to find that there's more truth to the radio aspects of CBC's "Son Of A Critch" sitcom than I ever expected. 

In the show, the main character's dad is a newsman for the real life VOCM in St. John's. The older son, played by Sudbury actor Colton Gobbo, works at the station - or did, until he appeared to go over to the FM competition. But it turns out that little plot twist wasn't just made up by the writers. 

Creator Mark Critch really did have a dad who worked at VOCM. And he actually does have another family member who works for VOCM's FM station, K-Rock. His name is Mike "Critch" Campbell and he's one of the co-hosts of the morning show. He also happens to be Critch's real-life brother.

And fact recently met fiction when Gobbo got together with his radio "sibling" for a tour of the place he will supposedly work for one day. (Ironically, the station used in the show isn't really VOCM, it's VOAR, another St. John's station.)

It's not often you see a show these days, Canada or otherwise, where a radio station is one of the main components (WKRP, News Radio and Frasier have been off the air for a long time.) So it's not only interesting to see those old analogue boards and the carts, reel-to-reel machines, etc. but also to find out that at least some of it is based in reality in a bonus.

VOCM and K-Rock are both Stingray properties, and I'm sure they welcome the free publicity every week. 

Critch Counterpart: Actor Playing Mike Critch Junior Meets K-ROCK’s Mike Campbell

The Real Mike Critch:



March 19, 2023 4:07 pm  #2

Re: 'Son Of A Critch' Character Is Actual DJ On VOCM's FM Station

CBC show DROP THE BEAT was set in a radio station also 📻🎬😎


March 20, 2023 2:07 pm  #3

Re: 'Son Of A Critch' Character Is Actual DJ On VOCM's FM Station

Have to jump in on this one. I found K-ROCK (VOCMFM) scanning Tune In one Saturday night looking for a show to replace Bachman on the CBC. Big Tom's Shed, featuring J-LaC is the best Saturday Night "party show" I've ever heard. Whether or not the calls from drunk or stoned Newfoundlanders are real, J-Lac does a great job of weaving together Rock of the ages with the partiers on the Rock. The reason I bring this up is that they run morning  show promos through Big Tom's Shed and the promos are actually funny. I'll never be up early enough to hear a show, but I love the idea of it.