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March 17, 2023 2:09 pm  #1

NJ PBS OTA in North Burlington

as in Burlington, ON not Burlington, VT.  approx 09:58 am to 10:14 am this morning....

So this was fun, flipping around this am just before 10am, I land on WNED PBS from Buffalo... I normally have little to  no issue with receiving WNED and its sub carriers via OTA.   However this morning the signal was starting to freeze and drop to black which was strange...  then the signal restores to the NHK News program....   fine...

When I checked the signal strength, it was moderate to average, but the PSIP info shows that I was viewing NJTV, and it is channel 52.1 (PBS main) and 52,2 (NHK on sub carrier). 

This held up with with the moderate signal strength for approx. 15 minutes. At the same time, I lost WNED completely on RF 31/Virtual 17 and the associated sub carriers.  
Eventually, I was able to manually re add RF 31, and then WNED was restored with service on Virtual 17.1 to 17.3.

What a bounce, duct...  checking during this short window, I was not able to get WXXI from Rochester, or WROC for that matter, but this is normal for me at this time of year...

This is a new catch for me, previously, I the furthest east I was able to receive OTA signals was Syracuse N.Y. and the PBS service from Watertown N.Y.  


March 17, 2023 7:58 pm  #2

Re: NJ PBS OTA in North Burlington

WNJT is on RF 23, not 31, and it's a channel-share with WNJS 23.1/23.2.

I think you still had WNED, but I think there was a glitch at the Centralcast master control hub in Syracuse that handles WNED, NJ PBS and all the other PBS stations in NY state. Sounds like the WNJT transport stream was routed to WNED by accident.

At least, that's my best guess.