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March 17, 2023 8:54 am  #1

Attn. CFRB's John Moore: You Could Get Another Shot On Jeopardy!

Many here know the sad saga of CFRB's John Moore's disastrous outing on Jeopardy! a number of years ago. If memory serves, he didn't even make it to the final round. He talks about that ignominious moment occasionally on air, and he certainly sounds regretful about how poorly it went. 

That would seem to be the end of it, until this: the new showrunner of the longtime answer-and-question game is seriously musing about allowing old contestants who flamed out on the show to come back and try again. As it stands now, barring any mistakes made by the crew that affected the outcome, it was one and done. Now they might be giving former competitors a second chance. 

So the answer is: Not likely.

And the question: Would John Moore be willing to give it another try if they make the change?

Talk about putting your reputation in Jeopardy. 

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