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March 15, 2023 9:04 am  #1

Jamil Jivani Claims Bell Admitted They Fired Him Over Politics

Former Bell Media talk show host Jamil Jivani has written an article for Newsweek that deals with Bill C-11, the law that is likely to soon be passed, which aims to regulate the Internet in Canada. 

This post isn't designed to reignite the debate over whether that legislation is a good or bad thing, which I'm sure will reappear when it officially becomes law. Instead, it's about one specific paragraph that I found a bit surprising. 

In warning about the power of censorship he says the Bill will bring, Jivani claims this:

"Last year, the Toronto-based radio show that I hosted on the iHeartRadio talk network was terminated due to partisan biases at Bell Media. In legal filings, Bell Media admitted to ending the show because I did not defend Trudeau against criticisms made by callers and did not adequately attack a conservative member of parliament."

Did they actually "admit" that, though? I'm not entirely sure that was what the filings said. Bell's complaint was that Jivani was essentially letting on crackpots, spreading some discredited theories and that he refused to comply with the station's (CFRB) standards. 

They also allege he was difficult to deal with and didn't do proper show prep. 

It's an interesting case we haven't heard much about for a while, but the fact it wound up being rehashed in Newsweek, of all places, is certainly placing another log on an already smoldering fire.  

Jamil Jivani's Newsweek Article


March 15, 2023 9:27 pm  #2

Re: Jamil Jivani Claims Bell Admitted They Fired Him Over Politics