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March 9, 2023 8:52 pm  #1

Robert "Baretta" Blake Who Fronted A TV Show & Beat A Murder Wrap Dies

I was a big fan of "Baretta" back in the day, but Robert Blake's questionable personality and some might say mental difficulties has meant the show has almost never been rerun. The star of the offbeat ABC detective show has passed away, leaving behind a very strange life.

He started out as one of "Our Gang" in the early days of the movies, graduated to TV, played one of the lead killers in the classic film "In Cold Blood," and then was charged with an actual murder later in life. 

I have to admit I thought Blake had died some years ago, but he's apparently been living out his final years in relative obscurity after beating the rap for his second wife's murder. 

Whatever your opinion of him, he certainly led an eventful existence. Or, as Baretta might have said, "And that's the name of that tune."

He was 89. 

Robert Blake Dies: Actor In ‘Baretta’ And ‘In Cold Blood’ Was 89, Beat Real-Life Murder Rap