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February 22, 2023 12:40 pm  #1

Ever Have A Prolonged Internet Or Phone Outage? The CRTC Wants To Know

I'm guessing this was spurred by the Rogers outage last summer that crippled people's phones for - in some cases - days on end. Now the CRTC has announced it wants to hear from Canadian subscribers who have experienced "major" problems with their providers. By that, I suspect they're looking for hours or days-long outages, not just a few minutes.

And that's not all. 

"...the CRTC is directing all service providers to notify the CRTC within two hours of when they become aware of such an outage. They must also file a comprehensive report with the CRTC within 14 days following the outage."

Whether this will actually result in better service is another question.

Press Release: CRTC takes action to ensure Canadians have access to reliable telecommunications services

Meanwhile, there are increasing concerns that when the Commission eventually decides to look into the virtual monopoly the big telcos have on cell and web services in Canada, it could be way too late. 

Another independent bit the dust this week, and there are fears that by the time the CRTC finally gets around to dealing with this issue - as its new chair has promised - there won't be anyone left to protect.

‘The industry is in crisis:’ Another small internet provider sells to big telecom