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February 16, 2023 4:12 pm  #1

New York Times Profiles The Lisa LaFlamme Firing

The so-called Paper of Record examines what happened to the former CTV anchor. 

In the lengthy story, she recalls her upbringing in Kitchener, where she eventually wound up working for their local TV station, CKCO. 
“My father was a contractor and would come home every day at lunch, and I’m in grade school, and the conversation was about the morning talk shows and the topic of discussions,” LaFlamme said. “And, of course, the last 15 minutes of lunch was Fred Flintstone.”

Nice to know we had at least that last part in common!

"After college in Ottawa, Ontario, LaFlamme earned a part-time job at the CTV affiliate in her hometown after waiting six hours — without an appointment — outside the news director’s office.

"She keeps “vivid memories of not being taken seriously” as a female reporter — walking past an office inside which three senior managers were “watching and laughing at one of her stories.” Or the time a male colleague commented about a navy blue dress she had picked out carefully during a trip to Paris: “How is anybody going to take you seriously in that?” she remembered him telling her."

 After Going Gray, a News Anchor Found Herself the Focus of the Story