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January 27, 2023 11:54 am  #1

The Guy Who Gives More To Moore In The Morning

You’ve heard his name every morning, and occasionally you also hear his voice. But Joe Cristiano has quite a storied resume. He’s the producer of CFRB’s Moore in the Morning and mostly stays in the background. But in looking into that background, his accomplishments are really quite impressive.
He was the producer of veteran D.J. Jim Kerr’s morning show on Classic Rock Q104, one of the longest running programs in the Big Apple, for over 14 years, produces a syndicated show about Led Zeppelin, and has been toiling quietly at CFRB for just over two years. 

I don’t know the man, but you don’t survive that long in the biggest markets in both the U.S. and Canada without doing something right. (Although I’d love to know what brought him across the border after working in New York radio.)
Anyway, thought some here might be curious about a name they hear referenced quite often but rarely get to know. His website includes a number of demo reels of past productions and as a guy who used to do that before getting into TV news, I have to say I’m impressed!