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January 15, 2023 12:24 am  #1

Could This TV Channel Raise Your Cable Rates A Small Amount?

An Inuit language TV station that's now seen only in the north of Canada wants the CRTC to order it to have mandatory coverage across the country. Those behind the station feel it would only be fair to have such national coverage in the name of Reconciliation. 

It's probably a good cause and given the political make-up of the CRTC, my guess is this will be approved fairly quickly. But the way the system works, as I understand it, is that cable and satellite customers pay a small charge for each station the systems carry, and that means you might have to absorb a small increase if the Commission approves the application. Although I doubt it would amount to more than a cent or two a month.

There's no word on when a decision may be coming.

Nunavut Indigenous-language TV channel looking to be in the homes of every Canadian