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January 8, 2023 3:03 pm  #1

Could Ont. Legalized Sports Betting Lead To Firings For On-Air Talent?

It seems ridiculous on the surface - if something is legal, it's not a crime and therefore shouldn't matter. And yet it cost a member of the Cleveland Browns-turned-team sports broadcaster his job this week. So it's worth wondering what TSN and Sportsnet's policies are on this for their personalities and hosts, even though the stations make a huge chunk of change advertising the gaming services.

"NFL team employees are still not allowed to gamble, no matter how entangled the league is with various casinos and sports books. Doesn't make it seem any less silly when someone gets in trouble for a legally placed bet, but those are the rules."

Neither TSN or Sportsnet are owned by teams, by they do own teams themselves. What would happen if say, a Ben Wagner placed a wager on the Blue Jays? Are there policies in place for this? Would he get in trouble?

Bernie Kosar Fired By Cleveland Browns a Week After Placing the First Legal Sports Bet in Ohio