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December 22, 2022 10:47 am  #1

This Could Be The Weirdest Xmas Message Ever Broadcast On TV

I've worked more Christmas holidays in newsrooms than I can count, and there have always been a few stories you could almost write in advance - the holiday messages from the Prime Minister, the Premier, the Lt.-Governor, the Governor General, the Pope and the Queen (this year, to be replaced by King Charles.)

But I can almost assuredly say there's never been one like the speech scheduled to air on Britain's Channel 4 this year. It will be written by an Artificial Intelligence program and delivered on air by a robot. Yes, a robot.

The mechanical man, Ameca, will reassure those of us who are flesh and blood that despite troubling times, everything will be fine. 

"According to parts of the speech briefed by Channel 4, the robot will go on to back the human race for “always finding something to laugh about” no matter how bad the day is."

This is bound to turn up on YouTube somewhere, so I'm guessing we'll get a chance to see it at some point. But I can't help but wonder who will sound more like a robot - Ameca or Charles?

“A Chance To Change The Way We Think About The World”: AI Robot To Deliver Channel 4 ‘Alternative Christmas Message’


December 27, 2022 5:21 pm  #2

Re: This Could Be The Weirdest Xmas Message Ever Broadcast On TV

OK, this technology is brilliant to be sure, but I find it very creepy.

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