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November 23, 2022 5:50 pm  #1

Toronto Radio Morning Show Host Reveals He Suffers From Tourette's

It may be the worst possible problem for a morning show host - trying to hide his Tourette's Syndrome. That's what Kiss 92.5's Roz Weston has revealed he's been doing for most of his career on both TV and radio. In his new book, Weston confesses the illness leads him to suffer from uncontrollable tics, which he has done his best to conceal - until now.

But as bad as Weston's symptoms may be, he's lucky in one respect - one of the disease's effects is often uncontrollable swearing at the worst times. And being on the air would certainly qualify. That would be enough to destroy a career before it got started, but Weston notes he thankfully doesn't have that particular problem, which has allowed him to pursue his jobs in broadcasting. 

Canadian radio host opens up for the first time about living with Tourette syndrome