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November 14, 2022 5:14 pm  #1

Dan Shulman Almost Cried On Air After Final ESPN Baseball Call

When the final out of his last call for ESPN in the World Series was made a few weeks ago, the U.S. all sports network ran a highlight reel of some of Dan Shulman's most famous moments. And he admits he almost broke down on air hearing it.

The 2022 season was his last year calling baseball games for ESPN, so he can return to Canada in the hopes he'll be here if - or more hopefully, when - the Blue Jays finally return to World Series glory. 

“It would be tough to be there all year doing the regular-season games,’’ Shulman said, “and then to not be there if they make a run deep into the playoffs. It just made sense to me that if I'm all in on the Blue Jays, I'm all. That's my home, and sentimentally, that's where my heart's at right now for baseball, and the opportunity to call playoff games across Canada on TV."

But my favourite part of the story has to be how he missed what was arguably the most famous moment in Blue Jays history because of a malfunctioning elevator. 

Dan Shulman walks away from ESPN baseball, hopes to call a Blue Jays World Series for Canada