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November 14, 2022 11:57 am  #1

BBC Signed On With 1st Broadcast Exactly 100 Years Ago Monday

I love the fact that the very first newscast was read twice - once at rapid speed and again verbatim at a slower speed to see which one listeners preferred!

"The presenter had read out his report twice, once quickly and then slowly. He also asked listeners to give him feedback on his messages. 

Burrows told the Daily Mail afterwards: 'If the messages are read too slowly the listeners may lose the thread of them. 

'If they are read too fast the listeners may not have time to grasp their meaning. 

'A new sense will have to be acquired by those listening to news by ear.' "

BBC in the very beginning: From its first ever news broadcast 100 years ago today, to the first song sung on-air to a debut comedy sketch... hear what 1920s listeners heard when they tuned in their wireless