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September 21, 2022 7:53 pm  #1

The Entire Pandemic Remote Scenario Plays Out In One Moment On AM 640

A great slice-of-life moment on Wednesday night was a perfect reflection of how frustrating the pandemic remote-from-home broadcasts can be when things go wrong. Rubina Ahmed-Haq was on the air on AM 640 around 7:40 PM, talking to Anthony Furey of the Toronto Sun, when suddenly - as has happened far too often - Rubina simply disappeared, her connection gone. 

There was a long pause of dead air and then a strange voice came on mic, who I believe to be the show's board op. "Hey Anthony," he said, whether he meant it to go out live or not. "We've lost Rubina!" There was another long pause as he waited for Anthony to respond. But he was gone, too. 

That was followed by what has to be the longest and loudest combination sigh and groan I've ever heard on the air, the sound of disappointment that was filled with extreme frustration after two and half years of this. It was a brief moment, but it was also, in some ways, the perfect summing up of what the producers and the talent have been through working remotely from home for so long. 

I feel for them, but I have to admit I got a good sympathetic laugh out of it. It expressed exactly what this whole mess has sounded like in one long exhalation of exasperation.