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September 8, 2022 8:20 am  #1

Robert Turner's Brief Return To NT1010 Shows How Much He's Missed

Robert Turner made a rare return to the Roundtable on Thursday morning and proved once again how much he's missed from the 'RB morning show. While the other guests were busy giving their interpretations of various issues, almost every one of Turner's responses cut through the BS and got directly to the point. True common sense is so unusual these days that it really stands out when you hear it. 

I was out walking the dog and getting strange stares from passersby as I started laughing out loud while listening to him. (I get those stares anyway, but at least this time there was a good reason!)

I'm glad he's found a new and presumably better position but this just shows how valuable he was and what the morning show lost when he left. I hope he makes more "special guest" appearances in the coming weeks.