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August 17, 2022 5:52 pm  #1 Is An Online - And Bizarre - Musical Time Machine

This thing has been around a while, but I have to admit I've never comes across it before. And I'm not even sure I fully understand the point of it, but it's fun to play with, nonetheless. It's a website (and an app) called "" (and yes, there are five "o's.")

You choose a country, then you choose a year, along with a tempo and a song from those categories plays. The years range from 1900 all the way to 2010, with another odd category marked "2070." There's also a choice of "Slow," "Fast" and one that reads "Weird." Not sure I want to know what that plays! 

It's a personal project for a creator who wanted to figure out a way to share his varied record collection, and then found others wanted to add their own. 

I took Canada for a sample spin in the 70s (after CanCon was introduced) and heard "Signs" by the 5 Man Electrical Band, "Sweet City Woman" by the Stampeders, and a ton of songs I've never heard of and probably never will again. Clicking on the 1960s, I heard "The Weight" by The Band, Jackie Shane's "Any Other Way," a Leonard Cohen tune and a few other songs in French. 

Some are hits, some are obscure, If you click on the year again, it stops one song and starts another. The program is free, although you can open up a host of other features if you pay $4.99 a month - which you probably won't want to. 

It's not a place I'll frequent a lot, but it's kind of fun to play with, just to see what comes up when you click on a certain country and year. 

You can read more about how this came to be here, and find the site at this link.