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August 10, 2022 9:39 pm  #1

CFRB Evening Rerolls Are Often Baffling

I have to admit I don't listen to NT1010 very often at night - their rerolls of John Moore and Bill Carroll are almost always dated (talking about "this morning" when it's 8 at night) or previewing the budget at Queen's Park when it's already long over and done with.  

But the one that really surprises me is the rebroadcast of the Elias Makos Show from CJAD. I happened to accidentally tune in Wednesday night and heard the substitute host talking to a guest about how a new road project would be affecting a local business on a local Montreal street. 

Who outside of Montreal cares about this and why would anyone in Ontario spend the next 15 minutes listening to it? It doesn't affect them in any way, it's about a place they don't know and it could not be a more ridiculous topic for anyone in Ontario, just like a John Moore replay talking about bike lanes on Jarvis wouldn't matter to anyone in La Belle Province. 

I often wonder if the people who pick which segments to rerun even bother to listen to the content or simply arrange it so it fills the time and it ends when it's supposed to. What a silly waste of airtime on some major Canadian radio stations. Surely they could find something more relevant to run in each market. But clearly they just don't care.