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July 29, 2022 11:44 am  #1

Last Wednesday Record Lows For ABC Ratings

This past Wednesday was a summer time ratings disaster for the 4 US broadcast networks.  However Disney's ABC only had one show in prime time to have over 2 million live viewers.  Granted it is summer and we are in a lot of repeat programming, but the numbers are beyond bad. And final numbers will be a little higher when recorded shows are added in. 

At 9:30 a repeat of Home Economics with only 1.03 million viewers?  The only ABC show on Wednesday prime time to have over 2 million people watching was a repeat of The Connors at 2.19 million.
Fox, CBS and NBC didn't do much better but ABC and CW had a very soft evening of viewing.  Also at 9:30 CW had only 180,000 viewers for a repeat of Wellington Paranormal.  With 200 affiliates this works out to an average of 900 viewers per station! 

Not the way to look at it I know, but it also means in smaller markets CW and ABC technically may have had almost no live viewers for some these shows.  Here are the Wednesday sad numbers from The TV Ratings Guide... ..