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May 30, 2015 7:10 pm  #1

WBCN FM & WVBF FM Airchecks

As I mentioned on the old Sowny board, just before it drowned, I have been uploading some fascinating airchecks from WBCN FM which was one of the best progressive free form stations on the continent. I have a uploaded a fair bit with more to come. Also a new upload from another Boston area station called The Electronic Mama WVBF FM which was a top 40/AOR hybrid. The closest station that we had like this in this area I think was the original Q 97 (WGRQ were the call letters I think when they launched in the early 70's)..

Have not forgotten about the Sowny area with all the Boston uploads. In fact I have some vintage CKFM that I will upload at some point along with more CHUM FM, CFNY etc...

Enjoy the clips at:

Cool Airchecks and More: