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July 25, 2022 5:51 pm  #1

Jason Agnew Breaks Down On NT1010's Roundtable Segment

Normally, when you think of Jason Agnew, it's the guy clowning around on CFRB's Sunday Morning Trivia Show or hosting CHCH's old Tiny Talent Time reboot. 

The last thing you'd expect to hear was a moment where he was near tears on air. 

But it happened Monday morning on a dramatic moment on the station's second Roundtable segment. The topic brought up by fill-in host Jerry Agar was the threat of Western Hospital's near shutdown of its E.R. on the weekend. When his time came to comment, Agnew reluctantly began to tell a story of his mother's stay in hospital and how a simple test she was required to have left her sitting in pain for a week, while they waited and waited and waited. 

His voice cracking, he reminded the panel that while it's easy to talk about this issue if you're viewing it from a distance, there's a very real consequence if you're in the middle of it. (As someone who recently waited 8 1/2 hours in an E.R., I know exactly what he means.) His mom passed away in early May, and his pain was still obvious. 

It was quite a departure from the usual Agnew personality and there was a bit of an awkward silence when he finished, with no one sure exactly what to say. But what an unusual - and very honest - moment for a usually jovial and joking host. Not something that happens every day.

You can hear the segment here, with the Agnew moment starting at 6:47.