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June 30, 2022 2:17 pm  #1

July 1st Marks Exactly 35 Years Since This Radio Format Was Born

July 1st isn't only the birthday of Canada. It also marks the milestone of a new radio format. It was on July 1, 1987 that WFAN went on the air in New York, becoming the first all sports station in radio history. Not everybody thought it was going to work - a common question was "how many times can you ask what's wrong with the Yankees?" 

But after a rough start, it found its way and is now one of the highest rated stations in the biggest radio market on Earth. At the time, the original FAN was on 1050 in the Big Apple, before moving over to the much better 660 frequency, with the death of my beloved and still missed WNBC. 

First time, long time: WFAN still at it after 35 years

Today there are all sports formats in just about every market - including two competitors right here in Toronto. 

Our FAN was born in 1992, but 590 didn't hit the airwaves until Feb. 6, 1995, beginning with a rare frequency swap that saw CJCL leave 1430 and CKYC (the one-time CKEY) go from its longtime perch at 590. The 1430 station is long gone, replaced by Fairchild's Chinese format, while The Fan continues to bat clean-up for Rogers.