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June 29, 2022 8:43 am  #1

Former CRTC Vice-Chair Argues For Defunding CBC

Never thought I'd read something like this from a former high-ranking member of the CRTC. But the Globe & Mail has published an opinion piece from onetime Commission Vice-Chair Peter Menzies arguing the Corp's insistence on maintaining a unit that presents paid advertising as news is the last straw. 

"In recent years, while legacy media have had to trim newsroom resources owning to eyeballs shifting to social media and search engines, the CBC has expanded its presence online so that it has become the dominant media player in Canada. And it’s been able to do that not only owing to the volume and variety of its content but thanks to $1.3-billion (with more promised) in annual federal funding.

"So not only does it fulfill its coast-to-coast-to-coast mandate, it uses that subsidy to compete with private sector television, radio, print and online platforms for readers and increasingly scarce advertising dollars.
"Private sector broadcasters have complained for years about having to pay taxes that the federal government then uses to subsidize the CBC to compete with them. Now newspapers have joined the queue."

CBC doesn’t want to be a cherished public broadcaster