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June 27, 2022 9:42 am  #1

Radio's "TikTok Traffic Cop" Got His Start After A Serious Accident

One of the guests I like most on Jerry Agar's show on CFRB is Sean Shapiro, also known as the "TikTok Traffic Cop." He began appearing on NT1010 about a year ago and has become a semi-regular ever since. (In fact, he's due to make another appearance at 11:20 AM Monday.) 

What I like best about him is he's plain speaking, answers questions in a coherent and easy-to follow manner and is very well spoken, which plays out perfectly on radio and online. He also knows his stuff and has yet to be stumped by a question about Ontario's traffic laws. 

This story from 2021 explains how this otherwise ordinary officer became something of an internet and radio regular - and why it all started after a serious motorcycle crash he had in the line of duty. Not that he ever expected to end up as a star attraction.

“It was never my intention to be in front of the camera” Shapiro says, “But nobody else wants to be on camera. By process of elimination, I am the only guy standing in front of it.”

Meet the Toronto cop who is taking TikTok (and radio) by storm